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  1. robbie bryant says:

    I need to purchase two smaller boulders for my front yard. I’m looking for the boulders to be no bigger than 2 ft in diameter. What would this roughly cost? Thanks!

    • ericr says:

      Due to the varied nature in stone density and selection of different types of boulders that is a hard item to quote based off of rough size. I will email you directly with a rough estimate but we cant be expected to hold to that number, you would need to come select a couple boulders and let us weigh them up for you.

  2. jennifer says:

    I know you cannot provide much pricing on boulders, but I am looking to do a rock garden in my backyard. I am not looking for anything “big” as two people would have to be able to pick up the rock so nothing more than 60 lbs at the most. Can you give me a price range or average on what a 50-60 lb boulder may cost at the low and high end? Like I may be looking at $50-60 a rock, etc. Just so I have some sort of starting point – also do you deliver and if so, what are the requirements and price? Like do you have to order a minimum of $200 worth of stuff, or 100 lbs of stuff to be delivered?

    I live off of Johns Road right past Trinity Hospital. And if the rocks are big do you have a small bob cat or walk behind that can go through a 42″ inch gate?

    I appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you. Jennifer

    • ericr says:


      We have several different types of stone around that size. Everything sells by the pound, a 50-60lb boulder would be much less than $50-60 a rock. Unfortunately we don’t have a small machine to go through a 48″ gate, it is our policy that we do not set boulders. We will deliver any amount of stone you purchase, there is a fee for delivery. Come on bye and see us and we get you a quote on whatever it is that you need.

  3. Davis says:

    How much $ is a full pallet of Medium (7″ – 14″) round river rock?

    Also, how many square feet can a pallet of medium river rock cover?

    What is the delivery charge to Martinez?

  4. John Otis Richards says:

    I’m leaving Marietta and taking care of Ma in Statesboro as ‘The Chosen Elder Son’. Behind in Marietta I’ll be leaving 4 boulders I’ve cultured in My garden there for a decade covered in lichens. Each of the boulders are ‘gardens in themselves’which Ma and Family members have enjoyed. Here in Statesboro, I’d like to start creating “Our Garden”. My other Siblings (4) understand how much fun and pleasure this is will be for all of Us. We’d like Our Mother to enjoy areas on Her property in Westchester where She can enjoy the next 20+ Years of Her loving Life. I’ll help design and plan. To begin, I’d like to make an appointment to come and see boulders that You may have. These will serve as foundation points of interest and also places One may sit/meditate/pray.
    Please contact Me.
    Jack Richards-678-386-1240

    • ericr says:

      Mr. Richards, It is great to hear how much your family understands the unique attributes that adding natural stone can add to your property. Unfortunately we do not keep much of a selection of Boulders at our Statesboro location. However if you do travel to Augusta to select boulders, we do deliver within the local area of our store in Statesboro.

  5. Mike Bates says:

    How much does a pallet of medium to large size River Rock cost? Is a pallet usually 1,000 lbs. and what is the delivery cost to Jackson, sc for 4 pallets?

  6. Jennifer Jorns says:

    Hi~ I am looking for a diving rock for my swimming pool. Do you have these and what are the price ranges?
    Thank you~

    • ericr says:

      Sorry for the delayed reply. We have a wide variety of diving slabs, and our inventory is constantly changing. We can not provide price quotes on-line please stop by our stone yard at 1331 Reynolds Street, Augusta GA. To view our selection and get pricing information.

  7. Jay Bargo says:

    I have a project I’m trying to match stone on. I will need 2,000 SF of veneer. Please call me or email me so I can send a photo to you.

    Thank you,
    Jay Bargo
    Western Hills Builders Supply

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